NOVEMBER 25TH, 2014!!! 

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“First things first. I LOVED THIS BOOK!”
— Amber, BN.com
“I, for one, could not put down the Max Cruiser story....would absolutely recommend for any reader.”
— Steve, Amazon.com
“Max has an inner struggle that any perfectionist can relate to. He wants to be and has always believed he is perfect, but here he realized he can only be good with time, determination, and the help of his friends.”
— Valerie, SogniBellaCo.com
“Conrad’s debut novel is a star of its own, and I cannot wait to see what he has in store for Max next.”
— Elizabeth, Amazon.com
“With such a rich foundation, a full-hearted character as it’s center and a promise of more to come, anticipation is the lingering effect at the end of this impressive debut novel.”
— Brent, Amazon.com
“To me, that’s what makes a book. If I can believe in the characters, then I can believe in Sporbs and Hootmaroons and Scorpix and Talking Dogs and perhaps, even, the Legend of Alaxeria. I lied, the highest praise I can give a book is that in my impatient hunger for a sequel, I will be reading it more than once. Now excuse me while I go turn back to page 1.”
— diana_kelley, BN.com

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“Even if the Cataclysms do invade CyberWorld, at least we won’t have a shortage of food.”
— Danny, Chapter Nine: "The Origin of Cyber Spies"